Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beginning again

I am trying to find my feet on this blog, as you can tell. I haven't had much time to make it all fancy but hopefully I will be able to at some point! My goal is to post once a month at least, but with school starting this week it's about to get a little more crazy.

Let me start with the news.

- I found another blogger, blogging about our family. "A Sense of Family" is her blog, and you can read the relevant blog post here. I was going to participate in the activity she did where you take the last person in your family tree and blog about them, but since we are descended from the last name of Zirkle, guess what name I'd be blogging about! LOL The last person in my database at the moment is Susannah Zirkle, daughter of Jonathan Zirkle and Elizabeth Wolgamood. I don't know much about her and there is an issue with several Susannah Zirkles and confused information, so she won't be a "quickie" blog. That's for a later date!

- I found some good information on our Shaffer line. I am getting somewhere, slowly but surely. I am currently working on two women who married into the Shaffer line: Elizabeth Lambert, who married Absolom Shaffer; and Rebecca "Peggy" Bennett, who married Absolom's father, Abraham Shaffer. I have the story on them after their marriages, but I know nothing of either prior to their marriage. Both lived in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Absolom and Elizabeth were part of the migration of Shaffers and Zirkles to OH and are buried there, but Abraham and Rebecca stayed behind in VA.

- I think there is a reunion in the works. We just need someone to spearhead the planning. Any volunteers? I'll supply the discussion materials. ;)

So til we meet again, here is a tree.  These are the people we are descended from and I am still digging up information for. Hopefully next month I will have a fun story about someone. If anyone out there is also researching anyone in this family please contact me.