Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A quickie....

I haven't posted anything yet this month, because it's been a month of Genealogy ADD. I feel like a monkey - I've been up and down three different trees this month! I had a breakthrough on both a line on my mom's side and one on a branch of my husband's tree. Unfortunately, not much came from either to break down those two walls, but little chips being beaten away is better than nothing at all!

Not much new to report with the Shaffer and Zirkle line, other than the Zirkle direct line is complete. I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution in April under Michael Zirkle, and our line is now in their database and proven. I am pretty excited that our line has a place in their archive! Now my next goal is to work on our Roush and Shaffer Revolutionary War ancestors. Roush should be fairly easy, as there is a lot of documentation on the Roush family (that migrated from VA to OH). My 5th great grandfather George Zirkle married Catherine Roush. His father was the aforementioned Michael Zirkle. Catherine's father Jacob Roush served with Michael in the VA militia. Likewise, when George and Catherine later moved to OH, so did George's brother Abraham and his wife Margaret, and their son Noah later married George and Catherine's granddaughter Lydia. Lydia's father was Solomon Shaffer, and the Shaffers traveled with the Zirkles to Ohio and settled next to each other and intermarried. So it stands to reason that Solomon's father, Jacob Shaffer (who is both my 4th great grandfather AND my 5th great grandfather <confused yet?>), was also a member of the VA militia, but I haven't looked into that yet. It just sounds logical based on what I know of these families. I will keep you posted!

I don't have much by way of photographs of these families -- ANY HELP would be appreciated! Please contact me if you have photos!

But I will leave you with this. This is the Shaffer cemetery located on the property that once belonged to Solomon Shaffer and his wife, Sarah Zirkle.

Photo by Susan Hartman Thompson and used with permission

Click here to browse more of the cemetery. It is now on private property so you can't just walk around in there and look at the stones, but there is a lady that got permission and has created most of the memorials here on

Enjoy, and have a great rest of July! I hope to have a good update for you all in August. After that, school starts and I will do my best to keep posting every month....