Thursday, September 12, 2013

Evilsizor Reunion 1933

Happy Thursday!

I stumbled on this newspaper article while working on a paper for school. Even as late as 1933 our family was holding reunions! It was neat to see all the family that attended this event. (Credit goes to Sandi Evilsizor Koscak and her book, Evil in the Barn, page 67.) Highlighted names are my family members that I recognize.

Springfield Daily News, Thursday, August 24, 1933

The 12 annual reunion of the Evilsizor family was held Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank
Evilsizor, west of Bowlusville. More than 180 members were present for the event, although the
Evilsizor family is one of the largest in the state, numbering more than 300 persons. Members were in
attendance from Indiana, Troy, Piqua, Richwood, DeGraff, Bellefontaine, Urbana, Terre Haute, St
Paris, Westville, Tremont and Springfield. Following dinner served at long tables on the lawn, a
business meeting was held and the 1933 officers were elected as follows: President, Ezra Evilsizor,
vice president, Herbert Evilsizor, and Secretary Treasurer, Lottie Geron. Those present were the Rev
and Mrs Isaac Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Marley Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Clair Evilsizor, and children Donald, Roland, Garnet and Paul Roger; Mr and Mrs Coral Evilsizor and children, Norman, Norberta, Nitabelle and Norma; Mr and Mrs Clyde Lee; Mr and Mrs Philip Geron, Norman Geron; Mr and Mrs C H Geron, J M Evilsizor, Walter Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs George Randall; Mr and Mrs W F Fenton, Norman Evilsizor, Frank M Pummel, Carl R Rausch, Mr and Mrs Worden Hupp, Leona Evilsizor, Louise and Lucille Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Morgan Leonard; Mr and Mrs A W Evilsizor; Mr and Mrs J E Evilsizor and Mr and Mrs H E Evilsizor and family. Mr and Mrs William J Greene; Harold and Marlene Evilsizor, Mrs C J Evilsizor, Ivan Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Cliff Evilsizor and daughter Kathryn; Mrs Julius Holl and children, Freddie, Kathryn and Paul; Mr and Mrs Clem Evilsizor, John Caldwell, Marjorie Evilsizor; Mr and Mrs C Brown, Margaret, Edna, Myron and Dewalt Brown; Mr and Mrs C E Lippincott; Dorothy and Alice Lippincott; A T Fenton; Mrs A N Gerard, Dorothy Gerard, Mrs Susie Nixon; Mr and Mrs Kenneth Bryant and daughter Marilyn; Mr and Mrs Jack Geron, Everett Geron, Mrs Margaret Roe, Margaret Randall, Mr and Mrs Charles Sultzbaugh, Kenneth Randall, Mr and Mrs Morgan Leonard; Mr and Mrs Clem Benedict, Mr and Mrs John Flarida, Mrs Rose Schaffer; Mr and Mrs Carl Follrath; Mr and Mrs J C Vogel; Robert Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Willard Evilsizor, Russell, Virgie and Dorothy Evilsizor; Mrs L L Young and sons, Elwood and L L Young,Jr; Mr and Mrs J S Mathison and daughter Christine; Mr and Mrs T H Ballentine, Mr and Mrs L W Redmond; Mr and Mrs N J Laughlin; Mr and Mrs A T Skillings, and children, Julia, Theyla, George, Lloyd and Herbert; Eloise Randall, Carmelita and Jack Follrath, Mrs Ollie Evilsizor, Harold Evilsizor, Mr and Mrs Russell Evans and children, Mr and Mrs Theodore Hulsizer and son Robert Earl; the Rev Mr and Mrs A J Furstenberger, Mrs Agness Howett, Pearl Rubucht, David A Roberts, H Robinson, Mr and Mrs Ramsey; Warder Deer; Mr and Mrs J McClellan, Bertha Fenton, Alpha Fenton, Angie Fenton, Dorothy Fenton, Mr and Mrs Charles Evilsizor, Miss Hazel Brown, Mr and Mrs W I Wivel, the Rev and Mrs E H Runyan; Mrs Ollie Rooney and son Donald. Mrs Lydia Crabill and Pauline Green, Betty and Frances Tomlinson, Robert Bennett; Mr and Mrs Frank Evilsizor and Thomas Nitchman