Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 1936

On March 5, 1936 the Shaffer tree grew one more branch.

My daddy, Norb Shaffer, was born! He was the 2nd youngest of the 12 living children of Earl Roy Shaffer and Ethel Amelia Siler. He grew up in Piqua, OH, joined the military and spent some time overseas, came back and married Frances Marie Went (aka "Toots"). After her death in 1960, he married my mom, Joanne Sommer Martz.  They moved to AZ in the 1960s. He passed away in 2001 and we miss him very much.

I don't have any photos of his birth, but here are a couple I have scanned.

Dad around age 6 or 7 I'd say
(courtesy of Bob Creager)

Dad's enlistment photo, ca. 1956

Mom and Dad sometime in the 1980s

Dad in 2001 being goofy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! We sure miss you every day.

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